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Facebook constantly change the rules. What worked in 2011 may not work today.

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Learn the strategies we use for our “guru” client accounts

  • Imagine peeking at successful Facebook campaigns behind the scenes
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  • Comprehensive online video course: Introduction to Facebook
  • Includes 12 structured video lessons
  • PDF transcripts of all videos
  • Downloadable articles, training tips, and reference materials

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  • Each and every month we will show you exactly what Facebook users are looking for.
  • We’ll explain the changes we’ve seen over the previous month
  • You’ll learn specific strategies to stay ahead of the competition

All your questions answered on a LIVE Q&A Call every month

  • We are always testing new tools and strategies to make life easier
  • To save you time and money, we are reviewing the latest and greatest tools & products
  • We put it through our stringent testing program & let you know if we recommend it and why

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  • This program won’t just give you vague suggestions, we deliver the specifics
  • Every Tuesday you’ll get Tips & Tricks in your email inbox
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  • While your competition is resting, you’ll be leading the charge with our Weekend Warrior series
  • We’ll share internet marketing news, strategies, ideas, and inspiration
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