Facebook Advertising

Since Facebook users are increasingly getting their news from the social media platform, Facebook has announced that it will favor high quality articles for the newsfeed. Facebook will be showing preference to these articles over the popular memes.  Their studies are showing that people are preferring news articles over the visual updates. A photo will [...]

The success of any business partly lies in how efficiently and effectively it is able to target its market, its customers. For this reason, any data consisting of buyers’ interests, behavior, age, location, and other pertinent information can turn into a golden ticket for commercial ventures. And social media sites can provide such valuable data. Your [...]

Why take a shotgun approach to advertising, when you could zero in on Facebook users that are most likely to purchase products from you or sign up for your service? One easy way to do that is to create Custom Audiences with Facebook. Custom Audiences have been developed  to enable businesses to use resources like [...]

Is this your year? There has NEVER been a better time to advertise your products on Facebook! Jen Sheahan’s 5 solid years of Facebook Advertising will help you kick MAJOR goals in 2013! Are you a Business Owner, Marketing Manager, Advertising Director, Author, VP of Sales, or ANYONE who needs to increase sales using Social [...]

Need traffic, exposure and sales from Social Media? Want full social media training for your staff? Confused by the multitude of options out there? Over the past 3 years, I’ve developed a specific system which can help you sell more stuff using social media. This means you don’t have to waste any more time wondering [...]

How Do Facebook Ads Work? Facebook 101 For those of you who are new to Facebook ads, we thought it might be helpful to give an overview of how exactly Facebook ads work. Maybe the easiest way to do this is to answer some basic questions we regularly get asked here at FB Ads Lab. [...]