Facebook Adverts

Before you write your Facebook PPC ad, I’d highly suggest understanding Facebook’s ad policies. Dry reading? Yep. Necessary? Absolutely. By knowing what’s allowed and what’s not, you can save yourself a ton of time and frustration, increasing the chances that your ad will be approved the first time. There’s nothing worse than preparing for a [...]

Is a strong call-to-action really necessary? I mean, people spend a lot of time online. They know what to do, how to find what they need, and surely, they know that if they want what your ad is offering, they simply need to click on the ad to find out more, right? Yes and no. [...]

In this third post in our series on essential elements of your Facebook ad copy, we’re going to talk briefly about promoting the benefits and features of your product. We’ve covered this in the past in terms of landing page copy, but it’s important, and worth visiting again: People don’t buy something based on it’s [...]

Targeting sports fans can be very effective! Last week we started our series on the essential elements of your Facebook ad copy. We started by talking about making sure you have a clear objective before you even start writing your ad. Today we’re going to cover a second, and very powerful element of your ad [...]

Do you have a PLAN? Over the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be helpful to tackle ad copy head on — to really dig in and talk in detail about what makes good PPC ad copy. Once you’ve been in the Facebook ad world for a while, this stuff becomes second nature. [...]

With Facebook PPC, it’s all about the click. Unless you’re buying ads just to generate brand awareness, your main objective in your ad is to capture people’s attention, and get them to click. This month, one of the things we’re focussing on here at the FB Ads Lab blog are features vs. benefits in your [...]