Promoting Events on Facebook

Advertising and Promoting an Event on Facebook You probably already know you can create an event on Facebook that you can invite your friends and fans to. But what you may not know is that Facebook also gives you the option to promote your event directly via Facebook ads. This lets you reach a much [...]

Promoting an Event on a Budget If you are bumping up against the edge of your marketing budget, don’t discount your ability to still get traction on Facebook.  Through the proper utilization of free and reasonably-priced tools, you can spread the news about your event without breaking the bank. Here are three budget-friendly strategies to [...]

Today, I want to start with “When It’s Right to Start with Facebook Ads.” I get emails asking, “Are Facebook Ads right for everyone?” The answer is, “No, they are not.” Facebook Ads will work best for people, businesses and affiliates who have a good converting offer, whether it is Google Ads or is already [...]

Profit From Facebook PPC Advertising Facebook provides a lot of fantastic opportunities for online marketers, but there are also a lot of pitfalls. Here are some guidelines that can help you get started with Facebook PPC Advertising. We can get clicks starting at 10 cents per click on Facebook. Those of you who were around in the early [...]