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As Facebook continues to assert its dominance in the social media arena, it sets to blur the line between its own playing field and that of search engines through the introduction of the graph search feature. Essentially, this feature allows users to find content and share information on the social media platform, yielding results based [...]

Question: “Should I “boost” posts on my Facebook page?” Answer: NO - not without taking some serious measures to ensure you’re making the most of your advertising dollar. Watch this quick video for details … Facebook Promoted Posts - are OLD news, and BAD for Small Business. Facebook promoted posts used to be a great [...]

Welcome to today’s Facebook Marketing News Update.   Passover & Easter are here! Happy Holidays to all of you! This week, here are a few strategies you can use to boost holiday sales on Facebook. Jen Sheahan will walk you through the process, step-by-step in this 5 minute video news update.    How to boost [...]

Welcome to today’s Facebook Marketing News Update.   Today, we’re talking about how to avoid attracting hate mail for your Sponsored Stories, Promoted Posts, and Page Post Ads on Facebook.   How to handle the haters … It’s not about you. People who post hateful comments are usually angry at Facebook for interrupting their Facebook [...]

Want your business Facebook page to stand out from the crowd?   Implement these kick-ass Facebook Page optimization techniques and you’ll be way ahead of the competition! Facebook introduced Graph Search - the Facebook Search Engine - back in January 2013. However, it’s now become a hot topic on everyone’s lips. All of a sudden, [...]

Are you making these 3 costly social media mistakes in your business? Join in this free Facebook coaching session with Jen Sheahan to find out!   Tools & Resources mentioned in this Facebook training: Hootsuite Google Alerts Social Mention Sharebar Frank Kern’s Facebook Page James Schramko’s Facebook Page Groupon Australia Facebook Page   —- There [...]