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Amy Porterfield recently brought together 9 top experts in the Facebook marketing arena, and asked the question: What’s your BEST tip when it comes to advertising on Facebook? Whether you’ve thought about advertising on Facebook but haven’t gotten around to it, or whether you’ve tried it but with dismal results, or even if you’re already [...]

Can Credit Card Companies Use Social Media? [We hope you enjoy this guest post from Author Keyvon Goreshi] When you think of credit cards you don’t really see them as large players in the realm of social media. In fact many credit card companies struggle when it comes to gaining a foothold in networks like [...]

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising: A Guide for Newbies It is no secret that Facebook is hot right now and is becoming even more popular by the day. With over 800,000,000 users worldwide Facebook has gone from being a simple social network to a communications system that can no [...]