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Want the inside scoop on Facebook Ads targeting?   Here is how we do it at FB Ads Lab … Enjoy!   Also … this video features an interactive transcript. Click on any part of the transcript and you’ll jump to that part of the video. I wonder if this feature is useful for you [...]

Want your business Facebook page to stand out from the crowd?   Implement these kick-ass Facebook Page optimization techniques and you’ll be way ahead of the competition! Facebook introduced Graph Search - the Facebook Search Engine - back in January 2013. However, it’s now become a hot topic on everyone’s lips. All of a sudden, [...]

This month on FB Ads Lab, we’re going to be covering the basics of tracking and testing your Facebook ad campaigns. You may be pleased with the results of your campaigns, but if you haven’t actually tested them, how do you know they’re performing as well as they could be? I highly recommend tracking and [...]

In some ways, a headline is a headline. Whether it’s an email subject, a Tweet, or a Facebook ad headline, the same principles apply. The purpose of the headline is not to sell, but to connect. The temptation is to jam as much content into the headline, especially if we’re talking PPC. But what good [...]

  Facebook ad headlines: So little, and yet so powerful. While your image will be the most significant factor in the click through rate of your ad, your headline still contributes around 15% to it’s success. First things first: You need to know how many characters you have for your headline. The maximum character limit [...]

What is the target market for your Facebook Ads? Watch as we reveal a great trick for targeting your ideal client with your Facebook Ads targeting.