Online Research for your Facebook Ads Campaign

I’ve noticed a bit of a stigma around keyword research. When talking to people about SEO, and keywords in particular, there is sometimes a feeling that it can lean towards being manipulative (eg. finding out what people are searching for and then sneaking those terms onto your site). But when done right, keyword research is [...]

I beg you, before you even think about advertising your product or service, take some time to figure out exactly who you’re advertising to! If you don’t take this preliminary step, Facebook’s plethora of targeting options are going to absolutely overwhelm you. Choosing targeting options on the fly, without a sense as to who your [...]

You vs. Your Competition (How you can win!) Even as you are zooming forward in the high-speed of social media, it’s important to make sure that you are strategically implementing the fundamentals into your ad campaigns.  Defining what sets your business apart from the crowd is foundational to your marketing plans.  As you are trying [...]

In a previous post, we talked about figuring out who your target market is before you start advertising. Brainstorming and doing market research are key to determining who your potential customers are. But another key part of figuring out your target market is understanding your current customers - the ones who have already bought your [...]

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage” Arie De Geus It never hurts to keep an eye on the competition. While it shouldn’t be the foundation of your business strategy, monitoring what your competitors are up to can definitely inform your own decision making process. Brick and [...]

Why do some people “make it”, and achieve their goals, while others don’t? I find this topic fascinating. Across all areas of life, some people achieve greatness, while others never reach their goals. For example, I read the disclaimer on a popular Internet Marketing training product the other day that said “99% of people who [...]