Product, Service or Event to Promote on Facebook

In my last post, I talked about the importance of doing your research and making sure there’s a need for your product. This is a critical step that should happen before you even create your product. Once you’ve established that there’s a need for your product, it’s time to start building your sales funnel. So [...]

Before you can even begin to create your sales funnel, it’s critical to first research the market viability of your product idea. If you’re a true entrepreneur, you probably have a million ideas zooming through your brain at any given moment. When you get particularly excited about an idea, it can be hard to be [...]

In case you haven’t heard us say it before, the key to an effective Facebook marketing strategy is research. And one part of this research is knowing which keywords your competitors are targeting. If you have a solid understanding of this, you’ll already be one step ahead of many marketers. There are a number of [...]

I beg you, before you even think about advertising your product or service, take some time to figure out exactly who you’re advertising to! If you don’t take this preliminary step, Facebook’s plethora of targeting options are going to absolutely overwhelm you. Choosing targeting options on the fly, without a sense as to who your [...]

In a previous post, we talked about figuring out who your target market is before you start advertising. Brainstorming and doing market research are key to determining who your potential customers are. But another key part of figuring out your target market is understanding your current customers - the ones who have already bought your [...]

How to Create An Online Sales Funnel It feels really good to be getting more fans on your Facebook page, to be growing your email list, and to be driving tons of traffic to your site. Whether you’re doing this through organic means or through paid advertising, it’s a good boost to the ego to [...]