Product, Service or Event to Promote on Facebook

What makes you different from your competition? An important consideration when promoting your product or business on Facebook is how do you differentiate yourself from others that offer a similar product or service? YOU know you’re the best, but just telling people that somehow usually isn’t enough When you’re writing your ad copy or sales [...]

Should You Be Selling with Features or Benefits on Facebook? When you are writing Facebook ads, are you selling with benefits or features?  Or both?I know, I know, you’ve all heard the old marketing adage, “Sell with benefits, not features.” But your market is savvy, and they could respond well if you give them both-strategically.  [...]

It’s all about benefits, baby!   In my last post, I talked about determining the features of what you’re promoting.   So often marketers write their ad and landing page copy off-the-cuff without any thought or planning. And guess what? We can tell! The best copy out there? Sounds effortless and thrown together, but follows [...]

  This month on the FB Ads Lab blog, we’re doing to be delving into the question of how to determine exactly what it is you’re selling or promoting. Now obviously you’re going to be promoting your company – But if you stop there, you’re only going to be scratching the surface, and in the [...]

  Defining the Features of What You’re Promoting “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” ≈Theodore Levitt In our last post, we talked about a framework you can use at the start of a campaign to outline exactly what you’re selling. Today we’re going to dig a bit deeper [...]

Why do some people “make it”, and achieve their goals, while others don’t? I find this topic fascinating. Across all areas of life, some people achieve greatness, while others never reach their goals. For example, I read the disclaimer on a popular Internet Marketing training product the other day that said “99% of people who [...]