Target Market for your Facebook Ads

If you’ve advertised at all on Facebook, I’ll bet you’re already familiar with interests targeting. This is arguably the most important and useful targeting feature available to advertisers. Why? Because with interest targeting, Facebook accesses pretty much each and every piece of information you’ve posted on your timeline. Unlike other targeting option, where Facebook uses [...]

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking about all the nitty-gritty details of Facebook targeting. As we’ve discussed before, one of the best things about Facebook advertising is the ability to target  specific groups of user (see here and here for more on targeting). No other methods of online advertising give you [...]

I hesitated to even cover this topic in a post, because really, it’s pretty self-explanatory: Facebook lets you target by age and gender. The End. But after looking through my notes, I think I may be able to offer something of value on the topic after all. Here are a few tidbits you may not already know. [...]

Facebook Targeting By Zip Code This past August, Facebook rolled out a new targeting option for ads. We’ve always been able to target by location, but could only get as specific as city. Now we can advertise directly to users in specific neighborhoods using zip code targeting. So far, this feature appears to only be [...]

Facebook Ads: Targeting at Its Best There are so many options for business owners who are looking to advertise online, that it can be difficult to figure out the best use of your advertising dollars. If you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising, you want to be sure that only qualified customers are [...]

If you aren’t finding much luck by advertising on Facebook, perhaps one of your problems is targeting. This is one step in your ads that can make a huge difference in whether you find success with your campaign or not. You have to make sure you are targeting the right market in order to have [...]