DIY Solution: Facebook Ad Campaign + Step by Step Success Guide

Massively boost your exposure using Facebook Ads.

With our Facebook Ad campaign pack, you can Do It Yourself!

Need a proven Facebook Ads campaign that is perfect for re-selling to your clients?

Our experienced team will design a professional Facebook Ad campaign - YOU take the profit!

This D.I.Y Facebook Advertising Package Includes:

  • A proven Facebook strategy plan for your business developed by seasoned Facebook experts

  • 5 proven headlines that attract attention of buyers and potential customers

  • 10 unique images are chosen by our team for your project and will include eye catching, niche specific imagery

  • Exclusive Ad copy designed to generate high Click Thru Rates, low cost per click, and generate intrigue

  • Facebook Ad campaign guide - You and your team can follow along step-by-step

  • All targeting and bidding guidelines included to help you reach your objectives

  • A 10 day turnaround to keep your business moving quickly

We will design a Facebook Ad campaign and strategy for your business and deliver it in 10 days. You can start advertising quickly!

You’ll receive ALL of this within 10 days:

  • A “how-to” step-by-step, guide to setting up your Facebook Ad campaign inside your own Facebook Ads account.
  • Exclusive ad copy, images, headlines, targeting suggestions, and bidding strategy designed for YOUR market.
  • Video training modules to help you gain a better understanding of Facebook Ads

**Please Note: once you buy this service, our team of Facebook Ad experts will begin processing your order. Due to the nature of this service,  it cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. Please be certain this is right for you before proceeding. Contact us to confirm prior to purchase:  [email protected] **

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