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 If you ignore the basic fundamentals of Facebook advertising, you will fail.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

Facebook ads are, by far, the most effective traffic source for almost every website.

After several years of Facebook Ads campaign management, for ourselves and our clients, Jennifer Sheahan has discovered some underlying truths that stand the test of time.

These Facebook advertising truths apply to almost every business, every website, and every market.

I guess the biggest thing to understand is this: The Facebook ads platform is a unique beast. It is not the same as Google AdWords. To be successful with Facebook marketing, you’ve got to invest the time and effort to research your market, understand your customer, and expose yourself to your audience.

No longer can marketers hide behind a curtain. We’re all out in the open on Facebook. The more you can engage, and build rapport, the better your results will be.

Time Tested Facebook Advertising Truths:


1. Facebook is not the place for ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes or instant sales.
2. Smaller, more targeted ad campaigns perform best.
3. Get to know your fans, and help them get to know you.
4. Know your competition
5. Advertise with profits in mind, not fans
6. Adjust your ads and campaigns regularly
7. Test sending traffic to a Facebook Page and your Website
8. Be creative with your ad copy
9. Track everything
10. Be flexible



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