9 Smokin’ Hot Tips to Increase Your Facebook Ad Performance

Amy Porterfield recently brought together 9 top experts in the Facebook marketing arena, and asked the question:

What’s your BEST tip when it comes to advertising on Facebook?

Whether you’ve thought about advertising on Facebook but haven’t gotten around to it, or whether you’ve tried it but with dismal results, or even if you’re already using Facebook ads successfully but want to take things to the next level, this is a MUST READ article. (and I don’t just say this because I’m one of the experts - really!).

This article will show you:

  • How to make the MOST possible money from your ad
  • How to get your ad to the TOP of users’ newsfeeds
  • Exactly WHO you need to target, and HOW to target them
  • How to structure your campaign to get FREE advertising on Facebook (seriously)
  • Insider tips for optimizing your ad image
  • How to turn your Facebook page into your very own GROUPON
  • How to keep your ads fresh, relevant and outlasting the competitions’ ads

And more!

Amy writes:

Over the past year I’ve  been diving in deep with Facebook ads to see what works and what doesn’t.  I recently reached out to nine of my peers (nine extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled Facebook marketers!) and I asked them to share their best Facebook ad tips.

If you’re serious about increasing your leads and sales on Facebook, this EPIC post is a MUST READ.  Take 10 minutes to check it out – it could change your Facebook marketing success overnight!”

I have to agree! This isn’t just recycled, old-school marketing advice, this is the info the experts themselves use on a daily basis.

And if you still need convincing, here’s a commenter’s take on this article icon smile 9 Smokin Hot Tips to Increase Your Facebook Ad Performance

“This article is SUPER HOT! In fact, it’s probably the best article about Facebook ads I’ve ever read. Thank you Amy for creating sizzling hot content that is shareworthy.” 

Read 9 Expert Tips to Create Bigger Results with your Facebook Ads

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