Are Images REALLY that Important for Facebook Ads?

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A smiling woman conveys freedom, happiness and even success


The most important element of your Facebook ad, hands down, is your image.

In fact, your image contributes a whopping 70% of the value of your ad. So if you’re wondering how best to invest the majority of your time when creating your ad, this is it!

Your 2 main goals with your ad image are:

1. Make it eye-catching. People are not on Facebook for the ads, so you need to get them looking away from their newsfeed and at your ad.

2. Make it evoke emotions. Choosing images that people relate to will help evoke emotions, getting them to want to know more.

If your image successfully does these 2 things, you’re well on your way to creating a fantastic Facebook ad! Following are a few tips you can use when selecting the perfect image.

Use Amateur Photos

Time and time again, we see how amateur-looking photos have higher CTR’s than cheesy-looking stock photos. Whether it’s the relatability factor or the novelty of a homespun photo, no one knows, but I bet it’s a combination of the two.

While you can find amateur-looking photos online, why not consider taking the pictures yourself? They’re guaranteed to be original, no attribution required (which is often not the case with stock photos), and you can customize to your heart’s content.

Use Photos of Happy, Smiling Women

This harkens back to goal #2 above: Evoke emotions. 

What do you think of when you see an attractive, carefree-looking woman? For me, it brings to mind freedom, contentedness, joyfulness, peace of mind, and even success.

A happy woman dancing, arms up in the air, a very relaxed position…all good ideas.

The message behind these images? Click this ad, buy this product, let us solve your problem, and you can be this happy too.

Use Headshots

If you’re marketing for a client who has a well-known face, or even if you’re just marketing for yourself, try a headshot. The key with the headshot is to make sure it’s close up - Make sure people don’t have to squint to make out who the photo is of!


Unlike with other types of PPC ads, the image is the key component of your Facebook ad. That’s why this month on FB Ads Lab we’re going to be focussing on how to choose and use images to maximum effect on your Facebook ads.

Stay tuned!

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