Can I Use a Celebrity’s Photo in my Facebook Ad?

Screen Shot 2012 07 12 at 9.23.42 AM Can I Use a Celebritys Photo in my Facebook Ad?This is a question that comes up all the time, particularly from affiliate marketers. We had an intense discussion about this a while back on our Facebook page…it seems marketers are pretty polarized on this topic.

Can I use a celebrity’s image in my Facebook ad?

As you probably guessed, there’s no cut and dry answer to this question.

The answer will depend very much on the product you’re promoting, if you’re actually working for/with the person whose image you’re using, or if you’re an affiliate of that person.

Using Someone Else’s Image to Promote an Unrelated Product

Let’s say you’re marketing a weight loss program, and using Dr. Oz’s image for your ad.

Be careful! 

It’s this type of usage that’s absolutely prohibited.

If you’re not working with or for Dr. Oz, or promoting one of his products, don’t do it. While you may squeak under the radar and get your ad approved, don’t be surprised if you end up hearing from Dr. Oz’s lawyers!

(This happened a few years back when Oprah Winfrey’s lawyers cracked down on using her photo on Facebook).

Using Someone Else’s Image to Promote an Affiliate Product

This is where we move into some grey area.

What if you’re promoting one of Dr. Oz’s products? Is it OK to use his image in your ad?

It may be. It really depends on whose image you’re using, and how picky they are about people using it.

When in doubt, PLEASE, send a quick email to the person (or at least their affiliate manager) and ask if it’s OK. It’s just not worth taking the chance!

If you’re thinking about using a celebrity’s photo in your Facebook ad, consider carefully the consequences of doing so.

If you’re not 100% sure it’s OK to use it, don’t! 

Using someone’s image without permission can result in getting banned from Facebook, having your Facebook page shut down, or even getting sued.

It’s just not worth it!

I’d much rather see you purchasing photos from places like istockphoto or Shutterstock. This way you’re assured you have full rights to modify, customize and use those photos without any permission or attribution.

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