Essential Elements of Your Facebook Ad Copy: Call to Action

Is a strong call-to-action really necessary?

I mean, people spend a lot of time online. They know what to do, how to find what they need, and surely, they know that if they want what your ad is offering, they simply need to click on the ad to find out more, right?

Yes and no.

People aren’t dumb. Of course they know they need to click on your ad to get more info, sign up, enroll, buy your product, etc.

But people ALSO like to know what to expect, and to know what’s expected of them. It’s just human nature.

When writing your Facebook ad copy, end it by telling people exactly what you want them to do.

For instance:

Click here

Act now

Buy now

Sign up

Try this

Call us

Visit our store

If you want to do one better, also tell them what’s going to happen when they do take action:

Click here for full details

Act now to get yours today

Buy now at this low price

Sign up for the latest news

Why We Need a Strong Call-to-Action

Let me say it again: People are not dumb.

What they are is busy and distracted. They’re surfing around on Facebook, have a window open to Amazon, probably one to Google, they’re checking email periodically, the dog needs to go outside, they get up to grab a snack…

A strong call-to-action is the gentle shove that gets people to act on your proposition.

A strong call-to-action can make the difference between someone seeing your ad and thinking ‘Hmm, interesting. Maybe I’ll check that out later’, and actually clicking on the ad.

Try Using Physical Language for Your Call-To-Action

Try taking people offline a bit.

Conjure up images of actually physically taking action, rather than just pushing a button. Do this with physical or tactile phrases like:

Grabs yours

Claim yours

Reserve yours

You’d be surprised at what a difference this wording can make!

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If you’re looking for more tips and tricks based on proven strategies, sign up for our Facebook insights today. Learn how to get floods of Facebook traffic, lowest CPC’s, highest CTR’s. Get started now!

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