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FB Ads Lab :: Facebook Ads Testing Results

Each and every day we test new theories, ideas, tactics, and strategies to find out what really works with Facebook Ads. You never know what will work for you - in your market - with your audience - until you test it yourself.

This week, we decided to run a few tests for a new product we’re offering here at The Lab - DIY Facebook Ad Campaigns. It’s a dream-come-true if you run Facebook Ads for clients because we build the ad campaign, and you can re-sell it, white label it, or upload it to your own (or your client’s) Facebook Ad account.

We wanted to see which ad would generate the highest CTR (click through rate). Ten ads were created, all targeting the same 3 keywords, all bidding the same amount. The only difference was the image - and in a few cases - the ad copy.

I thought it would be fun to see what YOU think, so I posted a poll on our FB Ads Lab Facebook fan page. The post was one of our most popular ever! It received over 50 votes within a few hours! Cool, eh? icon wink Facebook Ad CTR testing results

Anyway, I know you guys are eager to see the results, so here goes …
Is this what you expected? 

Screen Shot 2012 04 13 at 8.17.12 PM 167x300 Facebook Ad CTR testing results

Facebook Ads CTR Testing Results




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