Facebook Ads: Targeting at Its Best

Facebook Ads: Targeting at Its Best

There are so many options for business owners who are looking to advertise online, that it can be difficult to figure out the best use of your advertising dollars.

If you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising, you want to be sure that only qualified customers are seeing your ads - otherwise you are throwing money down the drain.

Picture your ideal customer:

  • How old is he/she?
  • What does he/she like to do in her free time?
  • Where does he/she work?
  • In what city does he/she live?

Facebook lets you target these specifics and more. Much, much more!

By Location

Not only can you specify the country of the users you would like to target, you can even specify the stare or city.

This is invaluable for brick and mortar businesses who are obviously only concerned about advertising to local users. It’s also excellent for laser targeting your marketing efforts, segmenting your audience, and delivering a marketing message that speaks DIRECTLY to your ideal prospect.

Target by Location

By Age or Birthday

How about offering a special or discount for users who’s birthday is today? Increase your click through rate by specifying a particular birthday or age in your promotions, if appropriate. (note: some users report they no longer have this functionality in their account. We still have this option. Maybe you do too?)

By Gender

This is pretty self-explanatory. This is obviously a great feature for companies offering gender-specific products like makeup, clothing, jewelry, etc.

Target by Gender

By Language

Most businesses will obviously have a primary language they deal in. However larger businesses who deal in multiple languages can choose to target different language groups, and direct Facebook users to unique country-specific landing pages.

By Relationship Status

Attorney looking to advertise to Facebook users who are separated? Wedding planner looking for those recently engaged? Where else can you specifically advertise to these groups online?

By Interests

This is perhaps one of the most important features of Facebook ad targeting. Here you can specify what your ideal customer ‘likes’, including interests and activities they list on their profile, books, music, movies, TV shows, video games, apps, and other keywords they have noted in their profile.

Can I hear you saying “Wow!” ??
Amazing, eh?

While there has been some talk that Facebook has been testing ads based on status updates, this option is not yet available to users. We’re waiting.

In the meantime, every status update changes your target audience. The system is mysterious, yet very dynamic and powerful.

Target by Level of Education

By Education

Maybe your business caters to an upper-income clientele? Facebook targeting allows you the option of advertising only to those who have graduated from college. Or maybe you’d like to target only students who are currently attending a particular college - Facebook allows you to do that too.

By Connections

Targeting by connections is a fantastic way to advertise to people who have already shown an interest in your business by ‘liking’ your page.

Alternatively, you can choose to exclude people who are already connected to your page. Since you already have a captive audience with your fans, you may want to instead only use your advertising dollars to reach those who may not know about your business.

Unfortunately you cannot target users who are connected to other pages that you do not administer.you can only target these customers by using the Likes and Interests.

Another way to use connections targeting is to advertise to friends of those who are currently fans of your page. This is ‘social’ media at its best…it lets users see that their friend has ‘liked’ your page, making the ad even more personal and relevant.

Target by Workplace

By Workplace

Targeting businesses where employees are likely to have similar interests can be a great way to reach certain groups who may not have included any ‘interests’ in their profile.

For instance, looking to reach a tech-savvy audience? Try marketing to employees of Microsoft. Own a local restaurant? Target Facebook users who work at surrounding businesses.

With Facebook ad targeting, the options are seemingly endless. Imagine your dream customer, and then have your ads served directly to them.

Does online advertising get any better than that? Wooohoo!!

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