Your Facebook Advertising Questions Answered

It’s amazing how things don’t always go to plan, isn’t it?

Yesterday, I hosted a free Facebook Advertising webinar to answer your questions.  Lots of people attended live, however, I noticed there weren’t nearly as many as had registered to attend. Turns out, over a hundred people got the time zone wrong, and therefore missed the LIVE aspect of this session. Eek! Bummer, eh?

We covered some super-cool stuff like:

  • Where do I send paid Facebook traffic? To my fan page or my website?
  • What are some free strategies to find new Facebook fans?
  • What’s the best way to promote a webinar or a webinar replay?
  • How can I find new customers using Facebook?

Because of the massive time-zone mixup, I’ve decided to post the replay here so it’s available to everyone.

We have LIVE Q & A Webinars for FBadsLAB Insights members all the time.

Get real help - LIVE - by becoming a member of the LAB today.

Please share your thoughts on the FBadsLAB Fan Page - I’d love to know what you think.

Enjoy the webinar! Jen

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