Laser Focus – Create Custom Audiences with Facebook

Why take a shotgun approach to advertising, when you could zero in on Facebook users that are most likely to purchase products from you or sign up for your service? One easy way to do that is to create Custom Audiences with Facebook.

Custom Audiences have been developed  to enable businesses to use resources like email addresses, phone numbers and even Facebook user IDs and target the appropriate audience for their ad campaign.

Say, for example, you have built for your business a considerable email list through tools like AWeber and Mail Chimp. All you have to do is copy this list and save it as a CSV or TXT file. Using Facebook’s Power Editor, you can upload the file to the social network as a custom audience. From here, you can tweak your campaign further, selecting which particular people from the list your ad will be shown to or create different copy for every sub-group in your list.

According to some business owners who have utilized Custom Audiences, the results are impressive, with ads generating click-through rates of 4% in a landscape where 0.04% is considered the norm.

However, one major issue business owners should know of before using Custom Audiences is that you have to read, fully understand and agree to its terms and conditions. While Facebook has come under fire for issues about privacy, it requires businesses to inform their subscribers about using their information for purposes like Custom Audiences.

One good way to ensure your business’s relevance to your target audience is to constantly engage them through updates about your venture. Here, Custom Audiences can be a valuable tool. Additionally, you may have potential clients who still might be sitting on the fence regarding purchasing your products or your services. Custom Audiences allows you to reconnect with these people by ensuring that you are within their radars.

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