Latest Changes to Facebook

facebook logo2 300x99 Latest Changes to Facebook

Since Facebook users are increasingly getting their news from the social media platform, Facebook has announced that it will favor high quality articles for the newsfeed.

Facebook will be showing preference to these articles over the popular memes.  Their studies are showing that people are preferring news articles over the visual updates.

A photo will appear with the post, so it is worth it to put an eye-catching photo in the articles linking back to your website.

How can Marketers Benefit from this Switch?

By creating quality articles on your website (or blog) along with vivid pictures, you can share this on Facebook through your fan page and be seen more prominently.

Here is an example of what the article with image will look like on your feed:

wall street journal 203x300 Latest Changes to Facebook

Facebook also announced that new commenting on older posts will be revived in the newsfeed more frequently.  If you had a popular post, with a lot of comments, you could bring it back with a fresh comment for it to appear in the newsfeed again.

Darren at Pro Blogger had a great write up on these changes too.

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