New Facebook Ad Offerings Set to Make a Big Splash!

Out with the old, In with the new

A Facebook leak has been circulating this week, in anticipation for a large announcement coming up February 29.  We will save the review and analysis for the official announcement, but I wanted to quickly let you know what we’re hearing, and what it could mean for you.

In short, don’t panic!

The changes are an expansion, enhancing the current offerings.  What you have been doing for your business or your clients, you will still be able to do.  The new offerings are designed to boost fan engagement, and so the possibilities are extremely exciting.

Let me walk you through some of the new offerings and changes…

Overall Changes in Ad Platform

The ad process will begin with a page post. So if you are managing ads for yourself or your client, you will post to the page directly first, and then form your ad from the post.  Anything that can be a page post, can be turned into an ad.   There will be more information about the specifics of this next week, but it’s an interesting development and one that gives more choices.

This includes:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Status
  • Question
  • Link
  • Event


There are many features in the platinum ad offerings that will enhance community engagement, like fans being able to comment directly into the ad, which will be seen by their friends who are fans of the site.

It is also being rumored that Facebook will only display the first 90 characters of an ad.  So you’ll want to pull out an eraser because you’ll have a bit more than half a Twitter post to craft your copy.

Bottom Line

Facebook has been reaching new record earnings.  They don’t want this to go away!!

From everything that is coming across my desk, I see expanded opportunities for both business owners and Facebook advertisers.  For 99% of the companies and people I work with, you will still be able to do exactly what you have been doing.  I am very excited about the possibilities for our members, coaching students and clients.

Let me know what questions or concerns you have, and I’ll address them via blog post or video following the announcement, next Wednesday.

Fun times ahead, that’s for sure!

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