Timeline for Facebook Pages Has Arrived!

In case you missed it, Facebook just announced that on March 30, it will be mandatory for all pages to switch over to the Timeline format that’s already in use for private users, although you can switch over now if you like. You also have the option to preview your new page format before changing over.

I did the switch right away. I get annoyed with speculation and rumors, so I decided to jump in the deep end and experience life on the edge. LOL!

All the major tech sites have been abuzz with news, opinions and tutorials regarding the change, and, as with all changes implemented by Facebook, there are most definitely strong feelings one way or the other.

From our perspective, the changes are overall positive, with one exception: You can no longer have a default custom landing page. For those who were depending on organic traffic landing on your custom welcome tab, things are changing!  All users will be automatically directed to the Timeline wall. This means no more ‘Like us for access to a free video’, or ‘Click like for exclusive discounts’ unless you set up a Facebook Ad and drive traffic to that tab/app.

This will mean some serious re-thinking when it comes to how you grow your page.

That said, there are some great new features that will hopefully compensate for the lack of a default custom landing page:

Pinning Posts

If there is a particular post you’d like to highlight on your page, you now have the ability to pin it. Pinning a post means it will appear in the top left of your page’s timeline, making it immediately obvious to visitors.

Posts will be marked with a small flag icon, and can remain pinned for up to 7 days, after which they’ll return to their chronological position on the timeline. Only page-created posts can be pinned, not user-created ones.

Facebook recommends that for businesses wanting to draw attention to a custom tab (since you can no longer have a default custom landing page), you can create a post about the tab and pin it to the top of the page.

Starring Posts 

Another new option for highlighting important posts is to star them. Unlike pinning a post, starred posts remain in the timeline according to the date created. However, starred posts expand in width, making them more prominent in the timeline.


If you’d like to highlight particular events or moments in your business’s history, you can choose to make them milestones. Much the same as you might already do in your personal timeline for momentous events such as graduations, marriages, and new jobs, you can bring attention to certain events on your page by making them milestones. You may want to do this for events such as business openings, product launches, or other major business announcements.

Cover & Profile Photos

Just like the personal timeline, the profile photo will be displayed on the top left, and must be at least 180 x 180 px (will display at 125 x 125, or 150 x 150 depending on the size of a person’s screen). Rectangular images will be cut to a square.

The cover photo on your Timeline page will span the width of the top of the page, and must be at least 399 px wide. 851 x 315 px is a good size.

As per Facebook, your cover photo cannot include:

  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”
  • Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s about section
  • References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
  • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”.

It’s obvious Facebook does not want businesses using the cover photo as a replacement for the custom landing page. The cover photo is intended to be used for branding and identity purposes only.

Private Messaging 

While page admins will still not have the option to private message fans, fans will have the option to private message page admins. However, if a fan PM’s you, you will be able to respond. Page admins will have the option to disable private messaging if they’d prefer not to receive them.

 Other Changes

In addition to the changes above, there will be changes to the admin panel. Admins will be able to access information such as analytics, private messaging, and page activity from the new dashboard.

Get the inside scoop DIRECT from Facebook here -> Learn Facebook Pages

And even more info from Facebook is available here -> Introducing New Facebook Pages for Business

Some of the first pages to change over to the timeline format:




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