Ways to Customize your Facebook PPC Image

When choosing the image for your Facebook PPC ad, keep in mind that one photo can go a long way. If you don’t have a ton of money to continually spend on new stock photos, that’s OK — There are lots of ways you can customize and reuse one good image.

Here are some of my favourites!

Crop to Create Close-Up of Face

If you have a good, high quality image of a person (or even a few people), try cropping out and enlarging the face (or faces) for use in different ads.

If you’ve already purchased stock photos for your website or collateral material, this is a great way to reuse them for your Facebook ad.

You can even try doing multiple, different closeups of the same face to see which one converts best. Sometimes even tweaking the image size just slightly can have an impact on CTR.

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 Original Photo

27221630pDihJ21H Ways to Customize your Facebook PPC Image
Cropped to Show Closeup of Face

Crop to Create More or Different Details

Cropping isn’t just for portraits!

By looking creatively at your photos, you can often find multiple uses for each photo. Ask yourself: What themes do I see in this photo? What metaphors? Can different details within this photo serve different purposes?

For instance, using the image example above, how about cropping it again to get this:


cut 300x238 Ways to Customize your Facebook PPC Image


This image definitely offers a unique view, and allows you to get even more use out of the photo.


Try Adding Different Borders

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oie 27221630pDihJ21H 2 Ways to Customize your Facebook PPC Image

oie 27221630pDihJ21H 1 Ways to Customize your Facebook PPC Image


Try using a variety of border widths and colours, and then see which ones generate higher CTR’s. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to NOT use Facebook colours for your ad or border!

Using the standard Facebook blue and white means your image blends into the background, and pretty much guarantees your ad isn’t going to do well.

Try bright, vibrant colours for best effect.

Add Text

If you’ve got a photo that’s already converting well, why not try adding some text to it and see if that up’s the CTR at all?

You can even test out different phrases to see which convert better. Some other aspects of the text you can change:

  • Placement of the text
  • Size of the font
  • Different fonts
  • Capital versus small letters
  • Direction of the text
  • Color of the font

oie 27221630pDihJ21H 4 Ways to Customize your Facebook PPC Image

Talk to any Facebook ad expert and they’ll agree: When it comes to your image, test, test, test. Being that it’s the most important aspect of your ad, take the time to play around with your images and see what works best.

Keep everything in your ad identical - Headline and ad copy, and then just subtly change the image. You may be surprised to find that one small change to your image makes all the difference!
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