What to Do When Your Facebook Ad Gets Disapproved

I hear from frustrated marketers all the time who want to know why their ads are being disapproved.

Oftentimes the identical ad has already been running successfully on Facebook for some time, yet now, for some reason the powers-that-be at Facebook won’t approve it.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this is extremely frustrating!

It’s important to keep in mind that the approval process at Facebook is a subjective one. Of course, Facebook employees have guidelines to follow when deciding which ads get approved, but applying those guidelines to individual ads is up to them.

So while one employee may disapprove your ad, another may not.

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When your ad gets disapproved, I know it can be tempting to just give up and start from scratch, but please don’t! Some of my best performing ads were disapproved many times before finally being approved.

And look at it this way: Boring ads get approved quickly.

If your ad keeps getting disapproved, it’s because it’s different. And on Facebook, different is good!

So without further ado, here are my top 4 tips for what to do when your just won’t get approved!

1.  First off, make sure the type of content you’re advertising isn’t in the ‘grey area’: weight loss, diet pills, exercise, get rich quick schemes, making money online, work at home, etc.

If you are, the rest of these tips may or may not help. Whatever you try will be hit or miss depending on who’s been assigned to evaluate your ad.

2. Start a whole new campaign. This does NOT mean starting from scratch. What it does mean is simply starting a new campaign with a new name, and copying your ad over to the new campaign.

3. Change up the days and times when you submit the ad for approval. As mentioned earlier, ad approvals are a subjective process.

Submitting your ad for approval on a different day or time usually means submitting it to another reviewer, who may feel differently about your ad.

*If you’re having trouble getting your ad approved, try submitting it on a weekday instead of the weekend. In my experience, ads submitted on weekdays have a greater chance of being approved. I even once submitted first thing Monday morning and had it approved within 10 minutes!

4. Make sure your ad and your image are congruous. This is especially true if you’ve taken an image from one ad and copy from another, and put them together.

Sometimes you’ll have 2 ads that are running successfully, but if you try to ‘mix and match’ the image and copy from these ads, you may run into trouble getting them approved.


My best advice? Don’t give up! Some of my best ads have been disapproved 10 times before they finally got approved. Getting your ad disapproved often just means it’s outside the box, and you’re going to have to be persistent!

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