5 New Year’s Resolutions for Facebook Marketers

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Facebook Marketers

We often think about our personal New Year’s resolutions – getting to the gym more frequently, making more time for fun and relaxation, or cutting down on carbs, to name a few.

But now is also a great time to think about resolutions you can make for your online business. I’ve come up with 5 simple resolutions you can make that will make HUGE differences in your online marketing efforts.

1. I will make an effort to build relationships with other online business owners I respect.

The importance of connecting and working with other online business owners is definitely underrated. We often think we need to spend tons of time and money to drive traffic to our site or increase our fan base.

But what about working with a business owner in a complimentary niche and helping each other drive traffic and increase fans?

Some simple and effective ways to work together could be:

  • Co-sponsoring contests or events
  • Trading advertising space
  • Tagging each other on Facebook
  • Referring clients to each other

2. I will track and review my online advertising efforts.

For every hour you’re investing in online marketing, you should be spending at least half an hour tracking and reviewing whether your efforts are actually working. If you’re not tracking your efforts, chances are you are wasting time, effort, and money.

There’s definitely something to be said for working HARD, but don’t forget about working SMART.

Some things you should be tracking and reviewing include:

  • Conversion methods and rates
  • Whether your sales funnel is converting
  • Click through rates
  • Average subscriber value

3. I will engage with my online customers or clients - understanding they are real PEOPLE. Not “fans”, “Likes”, or “Followers”. 

Remember that your clients, customers or fans are real people with real lives, real problems, and real issues. All too often I hear people refer to their “Followers” as if they are sheep, or statistics. You’re not being social if you’re counting each new fan as an achievement. Each new fan should be an opportunity to get to know your customers better - A chance to understand your market.

Be brave enough to go beyond business talk once in a while and engage with people about their lives. Re-tweet their tweets. Like their Facebook posts and photos. Reply to their messages. Ask them questions.

People appreciate this, and it certainly can’t hurt your business.

4. I will update regularly on Facebook, Twitter and/or my blog.

Make a plan and mark it in your calendar. Even if it’s updating your blog once a week and checking in on Facebook 3x a week, commit to doing it regularly and stick with it.

A regularly updated blog, Facebook or Twitter account conveys that you are committed to connecting with your customers, that you are organized, that you are able to follow through on things, and that you value a solid online business presence.

5. I will not give up!

Running an online business can be a thankless job. Since you’re not meeting face-to-face with clients every day, it’s easy to feel like no one would care if you just gave up.

When things get tough, remember that we’ve ALL been there, and that huge successes often grow out of failures. Learn from your mistakes, try not to repeat them, grow and adapt, and     work smart.

Surround yourself with those who believe in what you’re doing and give you the support you need. Stay true to yourself and never give up. This is going to be an amazing year! I look forward to sharing it with you.


Commit that at least for this year, you will not give up!

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