Getting More Clicks by Incorporating Benefits Into Your Ad Copy

Picture11 Getting More Clicks by Incorporating Benefits Into Your Ad Copy

With Facebook PPC, it’s all about the click.

Unless you’re buying ads just to generate brand awareness, your main objective in your ad is to capture people’s attention, and get them to click.

This month, one of the things we’re focussing on here at the FB Ads Lab blog are features vs. benefits in your ad campaigns.

To briefly recap:

Features are facts about your product

Benefits are how the features impact or help the user.

But since this is a blog about Facebook advertising, you’re not just here for a marketing lesson. How do we take this important marketing concept and specifically use it in our Facebook PPC campaigns?

Using Benefits In Your Ad Copy

I can’t tell you how many times I see ads that talk about how great someone’s product is, how their company has won awards, how their service is the best.

Who cares?!

How does it impact me? Why should I care about what you’re offering? How am I going to feel if I buy  it?

Picture12 Getting More Clicks by Incorporating Benefits Into Your Ad Copy

                                                                     Features                                                                                                                    Benefits

When you’re writing your ad copy, think about what would make YOU likely to click on the ad. Would you click on an ad that listed 5 facts about a product? How about a bullet-point list of all the different makes and models they offer? Probably not (unless the very fact that they carry certain makes and models is in itself somehow extraordinary).

Focus on the end results of what the buyer will get out of your product. Just don’t forget to deliver!

I’m not saying you should never include features in your ad copy. People definitely want and need to know what it is you’re offering. But go light on features, heavy on benefits.

I would usually recommend talking benefits FIRST, features SECOND.  Grab their attention, and then you can tell them exactly what you’re offering.

Using Benefits on Your Landing Page

Obviously given the 135 character limit for FB Ads copy (not including headline), you have to be really choosy about what you include.

On your landing page though, whether it’s your FB page or your website, you have free reign over how much content you present.

I’d again encourage you to make your benefits clear and compelling, and use them near the top of your page. People need to know exactly what they’re getting, but get them at an emotional level first.

Once you have a captive audience, it’s time to present all the great and wonderful things your product can do.

In his 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Formula, David Frey talks about seven universal motivations that spur people to respond (i.e. Buy/click/get).  If you’re having trouble thinking about what problem your product solves, take a look at this list and ask yourself which motivation it addresses:

  1. To be wealthy
  2. To be good looking
  3. To be healthy
  4. To be popular
  5. To have security
  6. To achieve inner peace
  7. To have free time
  8. To have fun

Every product you could possibly imagine promoting on Facebook has benefits. It’s up to you to figure out what they are, and then make sure you use them to grab people’s attention (and click!).

Want to be popular and cool? Wish there was something that could make you rich AND give you inner peace? Check out our FB PPC training! (<-see what I did there? Pretty sneaky, hey?)

4d566de7d71dfa46508cfc2cccc28f3c Getting More Clicks by Incorporating Benefits Into Your Ad Copy

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