3 Headline Mistakes You Need to Avoid


We’ve talked a lot lately about how to write great Facebook PPC headlines, provided headline starters to inspire your writing process, and even given examples of using controversy in headlines.

Today I’m focusing on something a little bit different: How NOT to write headlines.

There are 3 traps marketers often fall into when writing their headlines, and I’m here today to help you avoid these traps.

Too Long

Given that we have only 25 characters to work with, the headline is never going to be painfully long. That said, you don’t need to use every single character. 

For instance, which headline do you think would be more effective?

“Study on dog communication”

“Dogs CAN talk!”

or how about:

“Lose weight without exercise”

“Stop Exercising!”

Short, sweet, and to the point. Sure, you’re not using all 25 allotted characters, but start getting used to the fact that you don’t always need to (and in fact, often it’s best not to).

Using an Empty Question

We’ve talked before about using questions as your headline. However I wouldn’t recommend using an empty question. An empty question headline may be:

“Why buy Joe’s tires?”

Not exactly attention grabbing, is it? We don’t know Joe’s Tires from Fred’s Tires, but quite frankly, we don’t care. Instead, you could focus your headline on the benefit people will get from buying Joe’s tires. You can even still phrase it as a question:

“Are your tires safe?”

Focused on the Company, Not the Customer

People care very little about what YOU can provide them with. What they care about is how your product helps them. Try taking yourself and your business out of the headline and focusing instead on what your product does for THEM.

So instead of:

“Bob’s Brew now open!”


“Craving a juicy burger?”

Or instead of:

“We offer lower rates”

how about:

“Save 30% on insurance”


Are there any headline pitfalls you see on a regular basis? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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