How a Bad Headline Can Kill Your Ad

We’ve all been there.

You’ve come up with 10 headlines for your Facebook ad, and you’re impressed with your creatively, ingenuity, and pizazz! The problem is, most of them are flubs. Despite your best efforts, no one’s even clicking on your ads.

Where did you go wrong? What’s the problem? Let’s take a look…

Your Headline & Targeting Don’t Match

The problem may not actually be your headline, per se. The problem may be that the headline you’ve chosen, paired with the targeting options you’ve selected are just incompatible.

For instance, let’s say you’re advertising a fitness system, and your headline reads,

“Build muscle in 7 days”.

And then let’s say that you’re targeting women in their 40′s with this particular ad. Do women in their 40′s generally care about gaining muscle? Or would you be better served by mentioning weight loss in your headline?

Your Headline Doesn’t Match Your Landing Page Content

Sometimes a headline can cause an ad to fail, simply because the headline doesn’t match up with your landing page content. It may be that the headline promises something the landing page doesn’t deliver, or that the headline unintentionally misrepresents what’s on the landing page.

For instance, let’s say you’re marketing a DIY fan page app. Your headline reads,

“Custom Fan Pages.”

It’s true, if people choose to use this software, they can have a new fan page today. The problem is you mentioned nothing about them having to do it themselves. This is a major faux pas!

People who are interested in having a custom fan page built, and those who want to build it themselves are two completely unique and separate groups. The ‘Done for You’ group are going to click on the ad and be disappointed to see that they have to do the work themselves. And, you’ve just paid for their click.

Your Headline is Too General

“TD Bank”

“Cotton T-Shirts”

 ”Click Now”

“Like Us”

‘New Homes”

Do these headlines leave you wanting to know more?

Didn’t think so. 

There’s a place for direct headlines, and headlines that make a simple statement, but they still need to pique curiosity. Boring, bland headlines that promise nothing, ask no questions, evoke no emotions, and basically say nothing, are sure to kill your ad!

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