Facebook Advertising on a Shoestring Budget

Facebook PPC on a Budget?

Back in 2008, when I was just starting out, money was tight.

I was a stay-at-home mom, with three kids in pre-school, and we counted every dollar that came in and went out. It seems ironic that I jumped right in to paid traffic as an online strategy, but I am an impatient soul. Waiting for SEO efforts to kick in can be painful and slow. Paid traffic delivers instant results for testing and sales.

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When you’re just starting out online, as an affiliate, blogger, or business owner, money is often an issue. Lots of people avoid paid traffic because it costs money. When money is tight, “free” methods are so appealing.

I believe it’s a mistake to ignore paid traffic - even in the beginning.

Here are a few tricks you can use to test paid traffic with Facebook Ads without blowing the budget.

  1. Set your budget: How much are you willing to spend per day/week/month? Inside the Facebook Ads Manager, be sure to set a campaign budget and an overall account budget.
  2. Geo Targeting: Narrow your targeting as much as possible to be sure your ads are only showing to your ideal clients/customers. With Facebook PPC, you can target by country, state, and city. Use this feature in every campaign you build for best results. The US states California and Texas have more ad clickers than any other states.
  3. Split Testing: Upload the same ad copy and headline with ten different images. Image makes up a HUGE portion of your overall results, so test many images. This will increase your CTR, which, in turn, lowers your CPC.
  4. Keep it Separate: You’ll be tempted to lump a whole lot of people into one campaign. DON’T DO IT! When you’re on a tight budget, targeting is key. Create a separate campaign for each new group. Only target 5 “Likes and Interests” per campaign for maximum return.

Campaign structure forms the basis for profitability. Set up your campaigns correctly from day one, and you’ll see a marked increase in your ROI.

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