Facebook Page Insights Demystified

Facebook Page Insights Demystified

(Tracking Facebook Fan Engagement)

Hopefully you already know you can track where your Facebook fans are coming from, what they’re clicking on, and how they’re finding you.

But in case you need a little refresher on all the great stats available to you through your page Insights, let us give you the official FB Ads Lab tour!

 Main Insights Page

Once you’re logged in and on your page, you’ll see the Insights tab on the left hand side of the page. While you’ll likely already understand many of the terms, hopefully I can clarify a few definitions for  you!

I’ve left out the most self-explanatory terms (you’re welcome).

Total Likes: Unique ‘likers’

Friends of Fans: Basically the entire network of people who are friends with your fans (and theoretically the potential number of people who you could reach through your page, if every one of your fans interacted with your page)

People Talking About This: The number of people who have interacted with your page, and therefore have created a story about you in their newsfeed. This may be a ‘like’, a comment on a post, sharing a post, mentioning your page, and any other type of public interaction.

Weekly Total Reach: Total number of people who have seen something from your page (includes ads).

Page Posts (All stats are for the last 28 days only)

Reach: Number of unique people who have seen your post.

Engaged Users: Number of unique people who have clicked on your post (not just seen it in their newsfeed).

Talking About This: Same as above – The number of people who have interacted with your post in some way.

Virality: % of people who have interacted with your post divided by the total number of people who saw your post. Obviously the closer these numbers are to each other, the higher the virality.

Likes Page

This page is pretty straight forward. Here you can find out what countries your fans are from, and how many new likes and unlikes you have.

The only term that sometimes causes confusion is Like Sources. This is NOT how your fans found your page.  This is the actual location where your fans liked you from. This may be directly from your page, from a like box or button on your website, from a mobile device, or a number of other locations.

You can also see here how many pages have liked your page – This is handy for if you want to comment on other pages to attract new fans (link to article I wrote on ways to grow your fan page).

Reach Page

This page provides some of the same stats as the Likes Page, but the stats here are for all the people who saw your content, whether they ‘liked’ you or not.

How You Reached People

This section is especially useful is you’re using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your page. Here you can monitor how much of your reach was from organic, paid, and viral means.

(This page obviously didn't run any ads during this time period, but you get the point!)

Visits to Your Page

Total Tab Views: Every tab you have set up on your page, including your contact page, chat room, custom landing page, etc. Very helpful for figuring out if a tab is worth the effort you put into it.

External Referrers: All websites through which people found your page (excluding Facebook).

Talking About This Page

Not your ‘likers’, and not the wide net case by your ‘reach’, but the people who are actually interacting with your page.

How People Are Talking About Your Page

This is the last section in your Insights, but it’s a veritable goldmine of information!

Notice how there’s a drop down with the following options:

  • All stories
  • Page likes
  • Stories from your posts
  • Mentions and photo tags
  • Posts by others
  • Questions

Here you can find out exactly how people are talking about you. Are they mentioning your page on their wall? Answering questions posed on your page? Simply ‘liking’ you?

And not only can you see how they were talking about you, but how many of their friends saw them talking about you (I’m kind of wishing we had this capability in real life).

And that concludes our tour of Facebook Insights for today!


Hmmm, did somebody say ‘Insights’? Have you checked out our FBAdsLab Insights program yet? A low monthly fee gets you access to all the specific Facebook Advertising tips and tricks we use here at the Lab! Join us on the inside … I’ll see you there! icon smile Facebook Page Insights Demystified

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