How to Get Ads Approved on Facebook

Today I am talking about disapprovals of your ads on Facebook. I am constantly getting emails saying, “My ads are not getting approved. What do I do? It’s an exact duplicate.”

Sometimes, you’re trying to submit an exact duplicate of an ad that’s already running successfully on Facebook. What are you supposed to do? I have three main strategies for you.

First, you can start a new campaign. Take that duplicate ad that is a copy of what you are already running on Facebook, stick it into a brand new campaign with a brand new name, and submit it for approval. Some times that works.

Second, you can submit it on a different day or at a different time of day. Weekends are notorious for ad approvals and disapprovals. They may have a skeleton staff on weekends. Chances are that if you send an ad out on Friday night, it might not get approved until Sunday.

Sometimes when I submit an ad on Monday morning, it is approved in ten minutes. If you submit it on a different day or at a different time, you might get a different Facebook ad viewer. They might approve it, which would be cool.

Third, you can try a completely different angle altogether and see how it goes. A lot of people are saying that they take one image and the ad copy from a different ad and try to combine them. These two ads were successfully running on Facebook. If you take the image from one ad and the ad copy from another one, combine them, and submit it, sometimes it will not be approved.

I can’t explain it. I’m not the one doing the ad review. Potentially, it may be that the image from this ad and the ad copy from that ad are incongruous. They don’t make sense together. Even though they were approved separately, they might not make sense together. Have a look at that and then try something completely different to see if that works.

Now if those three ideas fail, there is another thing you can look at. One is the reason for your disapproval. For example, someone wrote me the other day and said that their ad was not approved because their content was not allowed to be advertised on Facebook.

If you’re advertising a weight loss, make money online business, or a get-rich-quick deal, you are going to be in a gray area. Chances are 50% to 70% of the time when you submit any ad like that it will not be approved. If you know that you have a valid offer and you’re not trying to rebill customers, you can usually get a good percentage of your ads through.

Don’t give up. If your ad doesn’t get approved, chances are that it’s right on the brink, which means it will be different from a lot of the ads out there. Boring ads get approved pretty easily. Many times, the best ads I’ve had were not approved ten times before they were finally approved. Then they end up rockin’ it on Facebook.

Don’t give up. Don’t think, “Oh, my ad was not approved so I won’t run it.” That’s a big mistake. If you have a legitimate offer and you’re not breaking the terms and conditions, you can resubmit your ad at a different time or day with a different campaign or different image. It should work well for you.

Keep going. If you have any questions, send me a message. My email address is [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day and keep resubmitting those ads!

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