How To Get Facebook Ads Approved Quickly

Get Facebook Ads Approved Fast!

“How can I get my Facebook Ad approved quickly?”


The rules for advertising inside Facebook Ads change regularly and now the common theme seems to be that people are struggling to get their ads approved.

If you’re submitting great Facebook ad images and you’re being told your image doesn’t match the content, you’re not alone.

I recorded a quick audio to help you get Facebook ads approved fast:

How to get Facebook ads approved fast:

●     First of all, make sure you are advertising in line with the Facebook Terms of Service. You’d be surprised at how often a simple change of wording or an image can make the difference. All of a sudden, your ad is approved! If your image is too bold, you may run into trouble. Read my post “Too much skin for Facebook Ads” for tips.

●    Check your domain. Has it been marked for spam anywhere online? Facebook are implementing something similar to Google’s Quality Score. They are checking out the “.com” domain of your landing page to see if you are real or not.  This means trouble if you’re submitting an ad which lands on someone else’s website. In short, you’re running a big risk.  For example,  if your landing page is  - Facebook are not likely to approve your ad.

●     Instead, create your landing page on YOUR domain. Having the destination URL be on (with lots of ways customers can contact you) is a much better option.

●    Submit your ad for approval on a different day or different time of day. You may get a different Facebook reviewer and your ad may be approved. Keep in mind, weekends in US time zones are notorious for having a high disapproval rate. On the other hand, we’re finding high approval percentages while the US office is asleep. Overnight may be a great option for you to test. icon smile How To Get Facebook Ads Approved Quickly

●     Tell them everything. Full disclosure in your ad copy can work. Sometimes your ad is too vague and Facebook want you to tell people they need to optin on the next page. Say that in your ad, and you may find approvals come a lot faster - AND conversions may be higher because people know what will happen once they click.

●    Another option that works well is using a completely different angle altogether. Even if the image from one ad and text from another have been approved in the past and are running successfully, they won’t be approved when combined together in a new ad if they are incongruous. So even if they were approved separately, make sure the image and ad copy make sense when combined.

●     Lastly, if those things fail, consider the reason your ad has been disapproved. Did Facebook say that they’re not able to publish your ad due to inappropriate content? If you’re advertising weight loss, exercise, or making money online, know that these topics tend to have a high disapproval rate because it’s a gray area. Often the disapproval rate for these types of ads is quite high.

●   Don’t give up.  If what you’re advertising is legitimate and a valid offer and you’re not breaking terms & conditions, you can usually get a good percentage of your ads through. So keep re-submitting.  It’s not uncommon for a really interesting and potentially successful ad to be rejected as many as ten times before being approved.

So keep trying. Experiment with different days, times, images, and campaigns until you get it approved. Don’t give up!

If you need help … please get in touch with us via our Facebook Page. We’re here to support you!

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