How to use Facebook Ads for Business

"How do I use Facebook Advertising?"

“How do I use Facebook Ads for my Business?”

Facebook ads are an advertising tool that gets skepticism. It seems not many people understand how or if it will really work for them. Are you one of these people?

  • What kind of results can I expect to achieve?
  • What will my clicks cost?
  • What kind of ROI will I get?
  • How long will my ads last?

It’s important to ask yourself these questions, but you’ll never really know the answers until you dive in there and “give it a go”. Each business is different. Every niche is different. Every product/service/offer is slightly different. This means that without in in-depth audit of your market, there are too many variables to be able to accurately judge if your stuff will work with Facebook Ads or not.

It pays to invest the time to figure out how Facebook advertising can work for your business. Because once you get the formula right, floods of traffic come your way.

Is Facebook Advertising worth the effort?

But let’s put this question to rest quickly, the answer is a definite yes. There is plenty of research that shows exactly how effective facebook ads can be.

To start with, here are a few stats from Hubspot that can help ease the suspicion around facebook advertising:

  • Facebook drives the most leads in social media for B2C companies
  • 44% of marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business
  • Facebook is second only to email when it comes to content sharing preferences
  • Facebook receives 1 out of every 8 minutes of online time spent on their site
  • Facebook ad recall is 10% higher than home page ads

 But what does this all mean for you?

As facebook has quickly become the #1 social media site by far, there are millions, if not, billions of page views per day, and your business can quickly become part of those page views. Not only can you use the advertising methods on facebook, but with your own business, personal, brand, or product landing page inside Facebook, you can interact with your clients, and this helps build brand recognition and loyalty.

People like to buy from people.

Social media has completely changed the way companies interact with their clients because now the interaction is public. With people being able to connect far more easily than ever, this is extremely important.  You want the public interaction about your company to be positive. You need to know what is being said, so that you can respond proactively. Better yet, you can control the conversation by owning your own name, product name, business name, etc. on all social media properties. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.

What about Facebook Ads?

Those ads on the side of the facebook pages are producing great results. As social media has grown, Facebook is at the forefront of where you want to be. 1 out of every 8 minutes spent on the internet is spent on facebook, and that gives you an enormous opportunity to get the leads and conversions you need. In fact, like the statistic above says, more leads are generated for business to consumer companies by facebook than any other social media website.

Not only this, but 44% of marketers (the people  just like you, trying to get more business for companies) say that Facebook is critical or important to their business. That’s a large percentage, because several marketers don’t even use social media yet for advertising, so for 44% to say it is important, means you should be using it too.

Facebook vs. Email

In the United States alone, 93% of all adult internet users have facebook accounts. Now, imagine you want to share a link with a friend, you could either post that link in an email by pulling up another website, or you can post it to several friends by posting it on Facebook. That 93% means that over 90% of the people you know, that have internet, will see your post, making it a whole lot easier to share. You don’t have to go through contact lists, or try to remember every persons’ name you’d like to share with, you just post away, and whoever wants to read more, can!

Email scams are on the rise!

With an increase in email spam and phishing scams, people are becoming less eager to click on links in emails. We no longer trust emails as much as we used to. This is especially true with the older demographic.

Of course, email marketing is alive and well. Don’t get me wrong here. I certainly encourage my customers, students, and clients to continue making the most of their email autoresponder lists. Keep building your list, and communicating with your customers that way - it works! But the time has come to investigate alternatives to email marketing. I’m just saying - don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

The fact is Facebook is HUGE, and if you want to get cost effective leads Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get them.

I know many of you are already using Facebook advertising and Facebook PPC ads to promote your business. What kind of results are you achieving? Has it been good or bad for you so far? What’s been your biggest frustration with marketing on Facebook?

I’ve shared a few of my thoughts here. Now, I’d love to hear what you think. Please comment in the box below.

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