Advertising and Promoting an Event on Facebook

Advertising and Promoting an Event on Facebook

You probably already know you can create an event on Facebook that you can invite your friends and fans to.

But what you may not know is that Facebook also gives you the option to promote your event directly via Facebook ads. This lets you reach a much wider audience of Facebook users that may never have otherwise found out about your event.

So whether you’re planning a concert, an informational meeting, an online workshop, a webinar, or pretty much any other kind of event, consider using Facebook ads to fill your seats. (*Hint: Do you regularly offer webinars, or would you like to? Our Insights program will show you exactly how to promote them.)

Setting up an ad for your event is almost identical to setting up a regular ad. Check out the two simple steps below.

First Step:  Create the Event

On the top left hand side of your profile page, you will see a link to your events under ‘Favorites’. Your events page will list not only your events, but all the events you have been invited to.

At the top of the page you will see the ‘Create an Event’ button. Click it, and complete the event form as usual.

Be sure to check the ‘Anyone can view and RSVP (public event), or you will not be able to advertise the event.

Click ‘Create Event’ at the bottom of the page.

Second Step: Go to Your Ads Manager

In the past, Facebook included a ‘promote your event with an ad’ link on your event page.

However, currently it appears the only way to start the process of advertising your event is to access your Ads Manager:

Once you’re at your Ads Manager, click the ‘Create an Ad’ link, as you would for a regular ad.

The only difference here between promoting a fan page or external page, and promoting an event is selecting your event from the ‘Destination’ drop down box.

You can now continue with your targeting and budgeting as usual.

Using RSVP’s on Your Ads

When you create an event promoting an event, it will automatically add an RSVP link at the bottom of the ad.

It will also show the name of a connection (i.e. friend) who is attending, if applicable. This is great for enticing people to attend (“If Mike’s going, it must be good”).

Don’t Want RSVP’s on Ad?

The default is that the RSVP link is automatically added to event ads. If you would prefer to not have this link, you will need to do things a little differently.

You will still complete step one above (Create an Event), however when you are in your Ads Manager, you will choose ‘External URL’ from the destination box, rather than ‘Events’.

You will then be able to fill out the ad options as per usual, and link to your event page. This will omit the RSVP link on your ad.

Have you ever advertised an event on Facebook? Any other tips or tricks you’ve picked up for promoting your events?


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