Promoting a Facebook Event on a Budget

Promoting an Event on a Budget

If you are bumping up against the edge of your marketing budget, don’t discount your ability to still get traction on Facebook.  Through the proper utilization of free and reasonably-priced tools, you can spread the news about your event without breaking the bank.

Here are three budget-friendly strategies to promote your event on Facebook:

1.   Create an event on Facebook

More than 2 million events are created on Facebook each month.  If you want to publicly promote an event, this is a quick and popular tool.  It is extremely easy to use, and you can set up the events in minutes.

For a Facebook page, your event options are fairly simple.  You can add the name, location, details, allow the guest list to appear and choose to allow non-admins write on the page.

If you want to promote an event to a group on Facebook, as the administrator, you have a few more options for contact, like inviting members of the group, making the event private/public and choosing to make the guest list public.

Finally, you can also use the Facebook App, Eventbrite, if you want to be able to accept funds for the event from your page:

Considerations for event planning on Facebook:

If you are promoting an event through a page, you will not be able to send a message to your guest list.

You can invite unlimited guests to your event, but you can only invite 100 at a time, and the total number of pending requests cannot exceed 300.

As of this writing, there was not a feature for recurring events in set-up.  You will need to manually set it up each time.

2.  Provide an incentive for spreading the word

An inexpensive way to reach out to the friends of your fans is to offer an incentive for fans who spread the word about your event.  Some companies enter each person’s name into a drawing for a prize if they share a direct link to the event.  Each person who shares the event on Facebook is entered to win something.  If you are charging for an event, an option would be to give away the ticket as the prize.

3.  Well-targeted ad campaign

As a final consideration, a well-targeted Facebook ad campaign is one of the fastest ways to promote an event.  If you are promoting a local event, you can drill down to gender, age, school, employer and town.  Even better, you can specifically target friends of current fans of your site.  By narrowing down your target area, you can increase your odds of a positive outcome.

Inside the FBadsLAB, members learn the specific techniques that would be the most beneficial for promoting their particular events and business.

What are some of the best techniques you’ve seen for event promotion?  Next time your planing an event, don’t be intimidated by the perceived cost of online promotion.

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