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Nobody ever imagined that Facebook will be a household name a mere six years after its inception, least of all its founders (Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes). That Facebook Marketing could be a concept at all was undreamed of – until recently.

This profile-sharing platform was originally used only by Harvard students, but it rapidly expanded to other colleges and eventually opened its doors for everyone – now having more than 600 million active users. With the amount of traffic the site receives, it is only natural that Internet marketers and business owners would gravitate towards it, eager to tap into its vast marketing potential. Facebook Marketing was born, and now flourishes.

The Why, What and How

• Why Facebook?

• What does Facebook have that Internet Marketers are eager to contemplate Facebook Advertising?

• How can Facebook marketing help businesses and marketers alike?

There in only one general answer to all the questions above: 600 million active Facebook users are potential customers.

This leaves Internet marketers the task of finding the right ways to implement their FB marketing strategies. FB Marketing can be a daunting task, but with the right attitude and methodology, and training the results can be very impressive.

Recent studies show that Facebook users on average spend 7 hours every week on the site – ample time for Internet marketers to attract potential clients. Marketing products or businesses to finely targeted demographics has been made much easier through the Facebook platform, and most Internet Marketers and business owners have begun to grasp its potential.

Facebook is gaining ground in the online marketing world because of:

• The power to choose audience by location, age and interests equals well-targeted people that can potentially be turned into paying clients

• The ability to deepen connections through a FB page and/or the like button, giving businesses the capability to build a targeted community within the Facebook community

• Total control of advertising budget. Daily budget can be adjusted anytime and advertisers can choose either the CPC(cost per click) or the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertising model.

Considering other online marketing strategies, Facebook advertising stands out, and its growing business users are a testament to that. It is little wonder that marketers and business owners are more than willing to search out the experts who can teach them how to use Facebook marketing to grow their businesses.

More Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising information is available at

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