There’s Still Time to Rock Out on Facebook in 2011

There’s Still Time to Rock Out on Facebook in 2011

Although there are just a couple weeks left in 2011, there is still time to make money with your Facebook ads before you ring in the New Year.  In a recent podcast with Justin Goff, of Marketing, Money, Mayhem, I talked about some very specific tips for what is working on Facebook right now, and what you should concentrate on before the New Year.

Here are four factors you should consider as you are managing Facebook ads

1.  Stay Relevant this Holiday Season:

People are in the holiday spirit, so let your Facebook adverts match the feeling.  Your can add a little ‘holiday bling’ to your ad or incorporate the holiday tone into your ad copy.  People are busy preparing for the holidays, going to parties and generally preparing for a little break.  So get into the mindset of your target audience and figure out what they would be interested in doing/buying this year.

2.  Selling a ‘Better You’ in the New Year:

The New Year is famous for being the time when gym memberships and diet commitments skyrocket!  It’s a time when people tend to reflect on where they are and how they can improve.  Appeal to your audience’s desire to look better, feel better, become smarter, richer, more efficient this year. Think about this as you are picking your image and writing Facebook ads.  You may want to first focus on building up your email list before the end of the year, then transition to a ‘Better You’-type product in January.

3.  Lead Generation

For information marketers looking to make money, you should consider lead generation offers with Facebook traffic.  As I describe in the podcast, it’s a great time to build your list for products that you can sell in the New Year.

4.  What wasn’t working just 2 months ago, might work now!

The ever-changing approval system for advertising on Facebook can be maddening, but it can be great when it works in your favor.  What was getting rejected right and left, like MLM and network marketing opportunities, lately has been working. We are also seeing a lot of positive results from CPM campaigns this month, so it could be worth a try to see if it pays off for your business. It’s just a lesson to continue to test your ads on Facebook because the “rules of the game” are always changing.

For the rest of tips and tricks that are working for Facebook right now, listen to the podcast, as it is 41 minutes of what we are seeing that is extremely effective right now, and what we project will be working into the New Year.

Note from Jen: It is pretty easy to see that I am completely passionate about this kind of advertising, and love sharing the unparalleled possibilities that Facebook offers with businesses-both big and small.  If you want a personal guide through the process, I am kicking off my 21-day Fast Start Coaching program in February.  We work with some of the largest companies and names online.  If you’re looking to generate thousands of leads quickly, I’d love for you to join me so that you can rock out next year, too!  Spaces are limited, so sign up soon.

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