Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Facebook PPC Images

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Great images grab attention!

When you create a Facebook ad, your image is by far the most important decision that you’re going to make.

It’s essential that you choose one that reflects your landing page, product, service, or offer. You want to make sure that it’s relevant to what you have to sell.

Having said that, it’s also important that you have a positive, uplifting image that attracts people’s attention. Often, we find that a photo of a smiling, happy woman gets the best clickthrough rate for a lot of our ads. And that is because a smiling, happy woman appeals to both genders, almost all age groups, and that image exudes a sense of positivity and inspires an attraction to that ad.

You still need to have good text and you still need to have a good headline, but really it doesn’t matter how good any of that is if you don’t have the right image.

Now, it makes sense that your image needs to be relevant.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it is somehow aligned with the subject of what you’re selling. For example, say you’re a travel agent and you want an image of something related to travel. You could have people packing their bags, or you could have a person with a backpack if you’re talking about youth travel or youth hostels or something like that. You could have people getting on a plane and handing over their tickets. An image of just a plane is not going to be as eye-grabbing or attention-grabbing as a picture of people sitting on the plane, or one in which you can see the people’s faces.

If you’re advertising something fitness or weight loss related, there are tons of images of people exercising. Now, that’s fine, but if everybody else is doing it, it might make more sense for you to choose something a little bit different. For instance, I’ve noticed that pictures of food are doing particularly well right now. So, you could have a big juicy cheeseburger or a nice steak dinner that looks really appealing and find some way to tie that in to your diet or fitness offer.

It’s always important to remember to use images of people whenever possible because people attract people. If you just have an image of scenery, you’re not going to get as good a clickthrough rate as if you have an image of a smiling face. So, keep that in mind.

Remember that you can always use your own photos.

Grab your camera! It’s completely free. Head out and take some pictures of your friends or yourself, things around your house or whatever it is that your offer/service relates to, and use those. You can test all different angles and different lighting. When you’re doing this, keep in mind that the colors of Facebook are blue and white and if you can contrast with that, you’ll be noticed more. So, we try to use orange, red, green, purple, black. Those colors stand out from Facebook’s color scheme instead of blending in. And that’s what you want to do: you want to stand out.

You can also use custom images, where you create the text as an image using Photoshop or other programs.

It’s possible to make a good ad this way but a lot of people are doing this lately, so its effectiveness is wearing off. If you are going to try it, make sure you only have a little bit of text, like two words, where you have a price or something like that so it’s not a whole lot of words. You should avoid trying to fit many words in there because it’s going to look too cluttered.

Finally, make sure you keep in mind your demographic and the people that you’re targeting.

I always try to create images that are aspirational. And by that, I mean that when you look at that image, you think, “Yes, that’s who I want to be. I want to be like that person.” So, if you have a tired, stressed mother, having an image of that tired, stressed mother may grab somebody’s attention, but that’s not aspirational. That’s not who I want to be. Showing a very happy, relaxed mother with her children playing, would be a more aspirational choice for an image. Obviously, you want to test both things and see for yourself what’s going to convert best for your market. But in my experience, I’ve had success with using positive, aspirational images.

So, those are some tips to help you increase your clickthrough rate and create effective ad images for your Facebook ads.

Have you had success with these types of photos/images?

Comment in the box below and let me know your thoughts.

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