8 Ways to Jump-Start Your Fan Page Growth

8 Ways to Jump-Start Your Fan Page Growth

I hated the first few weeks of having a fan page.

It was like pulling teeth trying to get people to ‘like’ my page, not to mention embarrassing trying to promote a page that only had a few fans (“people really do like me…really!”).

It felt like a slow uphill battle to get those first few hundred fans. But once you’re there and you’ve built up some social credibility, you can relax a little and start to enjoy the ride.

Here are 8 easy steps you can take today to increase your likes.

1.      Post on large Facebook pages and groups

I have heard of some people having great success with this approach. For me, it’s definitely been hit or miss.

Visit Fan pages or groups in your niche, and post (intelligent, engaging, non-spammy) comments using your fan page profile.

Better yet, tag the page in your own fan page status update. This way your comment shows up on their wall, but it looks much less contrived.

The idea is that fans who visit that page and see your witty/brilliant comment on the wall of that       page will visit your page and ‘like’ you.

2.      Use a like button or box on your website

An obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many businesses neglect this one.

Make sure every page of your website has a like box or button. You don’t want to overdo it, but          make sure your site visitors have an obvious way to like you at every turn.

This means in your sidebar, on each blog post and article, and even on your newsletters.

3.      Have a custom landing page

Don’t just send people to your wall! Give a direct call to action on your landing page – Invite   people to click ‘like’ before they navigate away from your page. This may be your one and only       chance to keep them engaged.

4.      Give people a reason to click ‘like’

People are getting pickier about which pages they like. Newsfeeds are getting more and more cluttered, so you need to give them a good reason to click ‘like’.

Give people something of value for becoming a fan:

-A discount on a product or service

-A free ebook

-Access to an exclusive video

5.      Ask influential people in your niche to recommend to friends/fans

Chances are you know some influential bloggers or business owners in your niche. This may work even if you don’t know them personally, but your chances are much better if you actually have a real relationship.

If you already have a large following, this works even better. Suggest some cross-promotion with other page owners.

6.      Ask your newsletter subscribers to like your page

You probably already have a ‘like’ button in your newsletter, but have you ever actually come out and asked your readers to like your page?

Again, try offering an incentive for people to become a fan. They aren’t just going to do it as a favor to you.

7.      Use Facebook ads

Of course I have to suggest using ads to increase your likes! If you’re going to spend money sending people to your Facebook page however, make sure you’ve thought through your sales funnel.

There’s no sense spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising and then not having a strategy for how you are going to continue to engage people and turn them into customers.

8.      Create engaging content that fans are apt to ‘like’

Another obvious one, but one that is sadly not used often enough. You can’t just post product         info or pictures of your dog and expect people to want to share them.

The more interesting, original and genuine your posts are, the more likely people are to click       ‘like’. The more people that click ‘like’ or ‘share’, the more newsfeeds you’re showing up in.

Some of these tips can be implemented in just a few minutes! Try a few today and let us know how it goes.

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