Facebook Marketing News Update :: How to Handle Haters

Welcome to today’s Facebook Marketing News Update.


Today, we’re talking about how to avoid attracting hate mail for your Sponsored Stories, Promoted Posts, and Page Post Ads on Facebook.


How to handle the haters …

  1. It’s not about you. People who post hateful comments are usually angry at Facebook for interrupting their Facebook experience with an ad. They don’t seem to understand that Facebook choose where and how often to display ads.
  2. How to respond politely: You can either respond politely & explain how Facebook makes money OR you can ignore or delete the post. -
  3. ‘Hate on the Haters’ Strategy: If you love inflaming the situation, and controversy is your “thing”, then absolutely follow your instinct and argue with the haters. Personally, I don’t have time or interest in this. However, it can be a VERY useful tactic because the more comments you have on the post, the better - Facebook will see your post as being very popular, and relevant, and they will show it more often.
  4. Target wisely: When advertising and promoting your content, select “Current Fans Only” instead of “Friends of Fans” - see image below.
  5. Be Shareable - Be Interesting - Be Creative - Have fun! Create awesome, kick-ass content that people WANT to share.
Screen Shot 2013 03 22 at 1.13.47 PM 300x218 Facebook Marketing News Update :: How to Handle Haters

Advertise to Fans Only

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