Maximizing The Graph Search Feature To Increase Visibility

facebook graph search 1 300x223 Maximizing The Graph Search Feature To Increase VisibilityAs Facebook continues to assert its dominance in the social media arena, it sets to blur the line between its own playing field and that of search engines through the introduction of the graph search feature.

Essentially, this feature allows users to find content and share information on the social media platform, yielding results based both on a user’s personal information and privacy settings.

Some are saying that Facebook’s move may be a step into the arena of search engines, albeit in a limited capacity, it is an opportunity for businesses to expand their online visibility. So how do businesses go about maximizing the graph search feature to their advantage?

Just like in SEO, optimization of page, URL and title are important. In creating a fan page for your business page, make should ensure that they pick the appropriate category and write informative copy in their About page, making sure to integrate the use of relevant keywords. In choosing a name for your page and its URL, you can gain a better advantage by choosing ones that are natural and direct, taking into consideration your brand name. You can utilize better graph search if you have more fans.  So you should add a Facebook widget on your website.

Just as fresh and relevant content is favored by search engines, regularly adding fresh and shareable content on your Facebook page allows you to yield greater results from a graph search. In order to make your content more appealing, and in turn increase engagement, you will have to put a lot of effort towards what goes into your page. It is best to share videos, pictures and even posts that are industry-related. In sharing pictures, make sure that they have a high resolution. To keep your fans engaged, post interesting content which will elicit likes and comments. It is also a good idea to utilize quizzes and contests to keep fans engaged.

If there is one particular segment that can greatly benefit from graph search, it would be local small businesses. Unlike search engines, the distinct advantage of the graph search is that it factors in which establishments have been liked and have actually been visited by a user’s Facebook friends. This can be seen as an added leverage and as a silent endorsement. To ensure that your business takes full advantage of this benefit, you will have to update your address on your location and local place page.

Fan engagement is particularly valuable because Facebook’s search algorithm, EdgeRank, factors in fan interaction. This means that the more you have fans who are constantly engaged with your page, the more likely will your posts appear on their newsfeeds.

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