How to Pre-Test Your PPC Headlines without Spending a Dime

In some ways, a headline is a headline. Whether it’s an email subject, a Tweet, or a Facebook ad headline, the same principles apply.

The purpose of the headline is not to sell, but to connect. The temptation is to jam as much content into the headline, especially if we’re talking PPC. But what good is using up every single last space when no one’s clicking on the ad?

It’s common practice for Facebook marketers to come up with a whole bunch of ads and run them all at once, testing to see which ones have the highest CTR, which ones convert the best, etc. These ads contain different images, different ad copy, and different headlines.

Once they’ve narrowed down which ads are performing the best, they can then run the most successful ads. The problem is, if you don’t have a big budget, you may not want to spend money testing the ads. 

So, is there a way to test your PPC headlines without spending a dime? Absolutely. Following are 3 ways to pre-test your PPC headlines before you invest any money. These are not an exact science, but can give you a general idea of how successful your PPC headlines will be.

How to Pre-Test PPC Headlines

Test Different Headlines on Twitter.

PPC headlines and Tweets have a lot in common. The purpose of each is to get people to click your link, and both have restrictive character limits.

Now of course you’re not going to want to be testing 10-15 headlines to your Twitter followers. That would be downright annoying! But try tweeting your top 2-3 headlines, and see what happens.

How many followers click through? How many conversions is each tweet generating? Are there subtle differences in the results or is one headline clearly better? Is one headline generating more retweets? Are some tweets, simply put, duds?

Test Headlines via your Facebook Status Update.

Again, you’ll want to make sure you’re only testing your top 2-3 headlines here. Use your top headlines as your Facebook status over the course of a few days. Send your fans to the same landing page, but with different updates, at the same time of day, for 2-3 days in a row. Which one sends the most traffic? Which one generates the most discussion or sharing?

Test Headlines in your Email Campaigns.

Randomly segment your email list and send the same email with different subject lines. This avoids the issue of annoying people by sending them to the same content multiple times, and still allows you to see which headlines perform the best.


The limitation to these 3 pre-tests is that your followers, fans and subscribers already know you and you’ve built some degree of familiarity and trust with them. So keep in mind that your results will differ for this reason. However, it can give you a general sense of which headlines are going to perform the best.

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