NEWS : How to boost holiday sales with Facebook

Welcome to today’s Facebook Marketing News Update.


Passover & Easter are here! Happy Holidays to all of you!

This week, here are a few strategies you can use to boost holiday sales on Facebook.
Jen Sheahan will walk you through the process, step-by-step in this 5 minute video news update. 


How to boost holiday sales on Facebook …

  1. Design a promotion, contest, offer, etc. Choose something easy and fun - be memorable and remarkable & you’re far more likely to gain traction on Facebook. You can even do something simple like this video, a news update, behind the scenes, sneak peek, etc.
  2. Create a custom landing page ON Facebook:  If you need help with this step, get in touch with us here: [email protected] Custom Facebook landing pages are an excellent step to increasing conversions using Facebook.
  3. Use tracking links for all Facebook posts, ads, promotions:  This data is going to come in handy later. Take the time and set up a link to track the traffic generated by your post. Especially important when sales/conversions are your goal. If you’re only looking for a traffic boost, you can skip the tracking link step if you’re in a hurry.
  4. Post a photo/video on Facebook:  Create a photo to promote your contest/offer and post it to your Facebook page. A screenshot of a video (like the ones I use all the time) are great. The play button arrow encourages people to click the photo and engage with your post.
  5. Add a one-sentence description: Keep it short and simple. If you have more to say, add it in the comments below. Shorter is better on Facebook - use the same principles as you’d use with Twitter. Short, choppy sentences work best.
  6. Place your tracking link to the landing page in the comments below your post: Don’t include the link in the original post, include it as the first comment instead. This helps generate more visibility for your post right away. Facebook sees that you have comments, and will display your post to more people - even when some of those comments are from  you.
  7. “Promote this post” to Fans Only: This step is optional, and  ensures your fans get to see your post, and they’re more likely to Like, Comment, or Share if they actually see your post in the first place. Only 7-10% of fans see your posts without paid promotion. I know it sucks, but that’s the reality. Because this is special, and you’re looking for a boost, you need to pull out all stops.
  8. Create a Page Post Ad: Another optional step - Inside your Ads Manager on Facebook, you can create a Page Post Ad to promote the same post to anyone you like. Remember to use clever targeting to ensure a strong message to market match. You can promote this to fans only, but you can also set up a targeted demographic if this post will appeal to more people - outside your initial group of current fans.
  9. Continue to post 1-2x per day on your Facebook page: Regular posts increase engagement and will boost traffic before the holidays. Idease include: helpful hints, tips, recipes, photos, videos, family traditions, questions, surveys, etc. Remember to have fun with your posts, reply to everyone and hit LIKE on their comments. Delete/ban/block idiots who harass you, and encourage your existing fans with thoughtful replies and comments.
  10. STOP all ads on the holiday itself: And usually the few days before and after the holidays. Impressions go through the roof as people share their holiday posts and photos with family and friends, but very few people click on ads on holidays. Save your CTR by pausing all campaigns for a few days.
  11. Be Shareable - Be Interesting - Be Creative - Have fun! Create awesome, kick-ass content that people WANT to share.
Screen Shot 2013 03 25 at 11.56.38 AM 300x232 NEWS : How to boost holiday sales with Facebook

Facebook Page Post Example

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