News: Why Promoted Posts on Facebook are BAD news

Question: “Should I “boost” posts on my Facebook page?”

Answer: NO - not without taking some serious measures to ensure you’re making the most of your advertising dollar.

Watch this quick video for details …

Facebook Promoted Posts - are OLD news, and BAD for Small Business.

Facebook promoted posts used to be a great way to expand the reach of your important content, and helped you increase engagement on your pages. Now, they can still be effective for this purpose, you just need to jump through a few extra hoops to get the same result.

Facebook have implemented a few changes to the targeting for promoted posts - now known as Boosted Posts.

Previously you had 2 options: People who like your page AND People who like your page and their friends.

In previous Facebook news updates, we warned you against promoting to “friends” of your fans because it’s a waste of time, effort, money - and causes tons of hate mail.  The backlash to these ads in your newsfeed is brutal.

You only want to promote your best, most profitable content to your existing fans.

However, Facebook have removed the “Fan only” option and your only choice is to promote to fans + friends of fans.
Don’t do it. It’s a recipe for disaster.

So what can you do?

1) Boost the post, then login to your ads manager and delete the “Friends of fans” ad units.

2) Use the Power Editor in Chrome to closely target your post - you have full control


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