The FB Ads Lab ‘Like’ Challenge

The FB Ads Lab ‘Like’ Challenge

Especially when you’re first starting out, you may not want to invest in Facebook ads to grow your fan page (although trust me, it’s a great way to do it!).

A friend recently asked me what my best advice is for increasing ‘likes’ without buying ads. I have chiselled down my list to include these top 6 tips.

I challenge you to employ these techniques, and then let us know how many likes you generated. (Screen shots win bonus points. Winner receives a whole lot of love and respect from all of us at FB Ads Lab).

Have fun!

1. Send an email to your list inviting them to like your page. So simple, but so effective! I’m not talking about a newsletter with a Facebook button – Send a simple, fun email to your list saying something like this:

 “I’d love to connect with you in person. If you’re on Facebook already, why not stop by our page and introduce yourself?”

This is an excellent way to generate a huge number of likes if your Facebook page is directly related to your audience.

2. Start a Q & A Day. Give your fans a chance to ask whatever questions are on their mind – just be sure you have cleared some time to give some thoughtful responses! You can even ask a few questions using a different profile to jump-start the discussion.

3. Hit ‘like’ and reply to every single comment on your page. It may feel forced to you at times, but your fans really will appreciate it! This causes the ‘reciprocity’ factor, and people are encouraged to come back and comment more often because you’re interacting.

4. Post 3-5 times a day. Be sure to use mixed mediums:

  • Photos
  • Questions
  • Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Controversy

Rotate through these 5 mediums as needed. Some pages respond much better to videos, some to photos, others to questions, etc.

Always post with an image if possible – even for questions. Images catch people’s eye in their newsfeed and they get MUCH higher interactions than text alone.

5. Add a Facebook link in your email signature. A casual invitation works best: “Chat with us daily on Facebook”.

Have everyone in your organization add this to their signature. How many emails does your business send or reply to each day? Don’t waste this valuable advertising space!

6. Set up an auto DM from your Twitter account. There is some controversy over auto DM’s, but I think a simple invitation like this can be effective: “Hey there – 140 characters can be limiting! Chat with us daily on Facebook: (insert Facebook page link here).”

This way every new follower you get will receive an invitation to follow you on Facebook.

*A final note of warning: Don’t buy likes. I know it’s tempting, but it’s not worth it! When you buy likes, your ‘fans’ are actually fake profiles that will not interact with or contribute anything to your page. This will hurt your metrics in the long run.

We’re excited to hear the results of this challenge. Don’t forget to let us know how you did!

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