The Hidden Cost of Buying Facebook Fans

The Hidden Cost of Buying Facebook Fans

The Hidden Cost of Buying Fans

For business owners looking to grow their Facebook presence, the temptation to ‘buy’ Facebook fans is a great one. Having too few fans of your business seems a bit like a having a party with too few guests. As the desire for social proof grows, so too can the desire to buy Facebook fans. But buyers beware-this purchase could end up costing you more than you think.

Let me clarify … I’m talking about purchasing “fans” in bulk. These are names and numbers that will purely boost your total fan count so it looks like you have a lot of fans.

But why can’t I buy Facebook fans?

If you are wrestling with this idea, think about a friend who is looking for a meaningful relationship. How effective would it be to purchase escort services to find a date?

Okay, it would certainly be one of the easiest, fastest ideas, and perhaps in the short term it may appear as if our single friend sure knows a lot of women who are interested in him personally. But hiring services to give the appearance of popularity most likely will not lead to any kind of long term relationship. The same is true with Facebook.

It is the relationship that can be cultivated on Facebook that makes it worth your time and money.

In fact, buying fans removes the one of the great functions of Facebook, its natural filter. If you are strategic about your efforts, your fans will join you because they are interested in your business. It’s a qualified lead. In fact, a 2010 study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies [1] revealed that over 50% of Facebook fans were more likely to buy and recommend products and services that they had engaged with on Facebook.

However, if in an effort to demonstrate your social proof, you buy fans, you are clouding your ability to read what your customers actually want. When you send out a fan-only promotion and a certain percentage respond, your statistics will be skewed because of your inflated fan base. And that’s just the beginning of troubles you could encounter with purchasing fans.

You are not the only one who notices

Having fans who are not interacting with your business page can actually affect your visibility. Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm determines what information will make it into News Feeds, and the affinity score is part of that equation. The affinity score is based on the number of interactions you have with your fans. As fans interact with your page by commenting or sharing information, your affinity score is positively affected. The more fans you have engaging with your page and content, the greater your chances are to appear in future News Feeds of your fans.

If you decide to buy Facebook fans, they will most likely not be interacting with your site, and therefore counting AGAINST your affinity score. In an effort to boost your social proof, you could actually make your updates and links disappear from the News Feeds of your true fans.

Another way to boost social proof

For people who are looking for quick results, paid traffic can be the perfect boost. If you have not done so, consider a Facebook ad campaign. By creating an extremely targeted ad campaign on Facebook, you can attract the kind of fans who will gain value from your business.

Shy away from short-term strategies

Remember that your social media plan is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. While there are techniques to getting a quick boost, but buying fans isn’t worth the time, the money or the buyer’s remorse.

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