Using Facebook Notes Effectively

Today we are going to talk about “Using Facebook Fan Page Notes.”

I might have spoken a little bit about this in the past. Facebook fan page SEO is a fairly new and upcoming feature that a lot of people are not giving much thought to. This is a great way for you guys to step ahead of the crowd and make a few changes to your Facebook strategy that will have a massive impact on your ranking in the search engines.

Not many people are using Facebook notes. There is a feature on your fan page in the tabs that is called “Notes”. You can click on that and it will ask you if you want to create a new note. You can take a blog post that you’ve written on your website, reformat it or perhaps even rewrite it, making sure that it is unique content. Make sure it is still covering the same keywords that you want to send back to your fan page and your site.

Create a note and publish it on Facebook. You can “tag” people in your note if you want it to appear on their fan pages. Sometimes if you learn something new from another fan page, it is fantastic to write a new note and tag that fan page in your note. Then your note not only shows on your own page but also shows up on the page that you tagged as well.

Don’t go crazy with this. Obviously we don’t want to be spamming people by tagging them in our notes, but it is a really clever way to get that seen. If you have a hot topic or a blog post that has gotten a lot of traffic to your website for you, this is a great way for you to rank in the Facebook search.

Keep in mind when you are talking about Facebook fan page SEO that you want to rank in the Facebook search and in the Google search engine. You’ve got kind of a two-fold thing going here. Facebook search is going to be what is most relevant for those keywords. It’s possible that they could be using names, page titles, keywords, website addresses and that kind of thing to help rank, so you want to be sure that you include a variety of those things.

Don’t make it too long. People on Facebook do not want to stay and read an entire dissertation about whatever it is that you are saying. Keep it short and simple. Give them tips to follow and walk away with in your notes.

If you can publish one note a week in addition to your regular blog posts on your website, that would really help. With one note a week, that is 52 additional links that you are getting out there with real quality content in both the search engines and with Facebook search.

Here are some tips and ideas for you for notes that you can create. My first tip is that you can create a note thanking someone for teaching you something. Just as I mentioned earlier, with that, you can tag the person and their fan page. Say, for example, “Thank you so much, Ed Dale. I learned in your 30 day Challenge program that I can do fill in the blank and I’m really grateful because it has made this impact on my business. These are the steps I took and these are the results I got.”

The second thing you can do with notes is republish a blog post that you have already written. Just re-format or rewrite the text so that you can publish it as a new piece of content.

The third thing that you can do with notes is to share new and relevant content for your fan page. This could be an answer to a question that someone asked you on your fan page. This is a really great tip because every time someone asks you this question, you can point him back to this note. Keep the link to the note handy and when someone else asks this same question, say, “I have answered that here.”

Someone who does this very, very well is my friend, Lynn Terry. She has When you ask Lynn Terry a question, she will always tell you, “Oh, I wrote a blog post about that,” and send you the link to the blog post she wrote. It’s fantastic. You can read in depth. Instead of her answering the same questions over and over again, she’s able to point you to a very full article she has already written on that topic that gives you a lot of fantastic detail. I definitely recommend that option as well.

The next option that you can use Facebook notes for is to ask questions of your audience. Ask them what they think. It might be the top 10 questions to ask yourself before you start your business, the top 10 problems people encounter with their Facebook ads, top 10 tips for search engine rankings or whatever it is that you do for your business. Ask them some questions about them and their businesses.

These are just some tips that you can use to use Facebook notes to get search engine traffic and Facebook search traffic back to your site and your fan page. I hope that was helpful for you. Talk to you soon.

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