Customize Landing Pages for Facebook Ads

We are back again with another Facebook ads critique for DIY Professional Hairdo

This ad has been showing on my page a lot. They use different images and headlines all the time. Let’s look at their landing page and see what they have to offer us: Perfect Hair Volumizing Inserts.

There are a couple of good things that are happening here and a couple of things that concern me a bit. One is that they were advertising in Australia. When I landed on this page, it was set to the US. The prices were in US dollars. I had to manually select Australia to have it show in Australian dollars.

If they are advertising on my page, they should know that I’m in Australia if they are using their demographic targeting. That is one change that they could make. If you are advertising in another country and have these options to customize your page, make sure you send them to the country that you’re advertising in.

They have a video, which is very engaging. They have lots of offers. It’s very clear on the landing page what they want you to do. They even show you the product so that you have an idea of how it works. They have highlighted their keywords, “feeling confident and beautiful,” which is a benefit. They’re really doing a great job with this landing page.

The only complaint I have is the GO targeting for the United States when it really should have been Australia.

If you have any questions about Facebook ads, please visit us at FBAdsLab on Facebook. We’ll be happy to help you.

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